Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Check out this great give away!

Go check out this blog! Become a follower, because she is awesome & does wonderful scrappy projects that u can enjoy & become inspired by! Oh yeah-she's having an awesome Cricut cartridge giveaway! Here's her bloggie address: Seriously, check her out, follow her blog & tell her that Amanda from sent ya! Thats my bloggie address, my blogs name is Thoughts, Lies & things left Unsaid! Thanks e1!


Hi everyone! I've  'been wanting 2 start a blog 4 a while now. I craft & scrap a lot. I'm married 2 my high school sweetheart & very best friend! I've been through quite a lot in my 32 years & will discuss my life & lessons learned here on this blog. I have 2 gorgeous little boys. Will is 6 and in the 1st grade. Alex is 3 and stays home with me! As soon as potty training is complete, he will attned pre-school. Mainly because I need a job (& a break-lol!) but also because he cries when we leave him with family, so we think K-5 will be too hard if we don't get him used 2 it now! I plan on posting projects here, finally join in some blog hops and maybe do some contests & giveaways, because I love 2 make others smile! So...I hope u enjoy it as much as I do! Thanks so much-take care & have a beautiful day!